About Us

About us

Salam, we are 'Timas Kitab', an imprint of Timas Publishing, We, as Timas Kitab Team, are focused on books published by Timas Publishing which have a background of Islamic values and are in the English language. We specifically aim to reach out to children and families all over the world with translations of books sourcing from Islamic culture. We wish to share the experience and wisdom of our heritage with children and also the adults who the children look up to, in order to reflect the light of Islam to the future generations. We aspire to help individuals maintain their cultural and humanistic values. Our team specializes in international Islamic publications and our aim is to pass on the core merits of Islamic tradition by sustaining them in the contemporary world by presenting them suitably to the perception of new generations.

Our Mission

As Timas Kitab, our aim is to be more than just a publishing house trying to spread the Islamic heritage, but to become a companion of yours who tries to share its knowledge with you, through all possible ways. May Allah grant us success InshAllah.

Who is Timas Publishing?

Timas Publishing is one of the Turkey’s leading publishing houses. Timas’ headquarters are in the heart of İstanbul, Turkey but its books have been translated into more than forty languages and are sold in dozens of countries around the world. The books are in various categories such as literature, history and culture, religion, current affairs, family life, and literature for teenagers and children. We took our steps since our founding with the intention to light up the road, and then to let the reader find their own way. We seek to serve a pluralist and intellectual world and to do service to humanitarian and ethical values.

Our History

Timas Publishing, founded in 1982, has had a vision of being a “international publisher” since the first days of its foundation by means of the values it has been trying to develop. It has reached to millions of readers as an important actor in national and international publishing domains, marking its place in the world of 21st century’s world of publishing.


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Timas's Diversity of Publications

We aim high-quality publishing, hence we try to publish books in as many different categories as we can. Our collection involves books in various categories such as literature, history and culture, religion, current affairs, family life, and fiction books for teenagers and children

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