How To Be A Nice Person And How To Inspire Our Kids To Be Nice, Too According to Prophet Muhamad Sayings


How To Be A Nice Person And How To Inspire Our Kids To Be Nice, Too According to Prophet Muhamad Sayings

Everyone wants nice people to be around themselves. It is such a blessing to be surrounded by people who are kind, caring, and have a smile on their faces all the time. Nice people have an incredible effect on the creatures around them: Flowers blossom in brighter colors, cats sleep peacefully and people are calmer and smile with joy when a nice person passes by. However, everybody is not lucky to have a nice person around. So if there is no one, why don’t we be the nice one in the room? It would be good to be a nicer teacher at the school, we can affect tens of kids and they may affect their own families. Being a nicer cashier would also be a great idea! Hundreds of customers would enjoy our genuine smile and maybe a little help. But being a nice parent would be the best of all. Our smile will live in our children’s memories for their lifetime and will affect every person they will meet, everywhere they will go and every room they will be in. Raising nice kids will double the effect of being nice. But, does not it sound a bit hard? Does it require spending so much effort? The answer is, no! Let’s see how can we be nice and how to be the right models for our kids:

Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says:

1.Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says, ‘’If you love your brother or sister, you should tell them.’’ Love every creature around you, no matter what, and say it out loud! Everyone loves to be loved! It is such a lovely feeling to hear it, as well as to say it out loud. We can show our love in different ways. But saying it out is the easiest of them all! A kid raised by hearing that he is loved will be full of love and will Show his love generously.

2.Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says, ‘’Smiling is charity’’ Smile! Smiling has a huge effect on the mood of our own and of the ones around us. We should not underestimate it. Imagine waken up by a straight voice, or even by yelling. It would affect your whole day. Now imagine you wake up to the smiling face of your mom or your spouse. You will surely shine all day!

3.Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says, ‘’Allah loves those who run to help those in need.’’ Reaching out to the people in need is one of the first topics of Being a Nice Person 101 class. It may be helping our neighbor to clean their yard, buy groceries for our elder relatives, or just having a chat with our family members to help them relieve the stress of the day! If one has Allah’s love, what on earth can upset him?

4.Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says, ‘’Visit those who are sick.’’ Sometimes every one of us feels tired, physically weak, and mentally confused. A caring accompany that helps us meet our needs, makes us forget about our illness and problems with his nice chat is the best pill to cure any illnesses or weaknesses one could have!

5.Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says, ‘’The strong man is not the one who wrestles, but rather the one who controls his anger.’’ This saying of Muhammad (PBUH) could be the best sentence to cover how hard, and also important to have a control of our anger. We face with problems, hitches and hard situations during the day. All of us have days that are not so smoothly perfect. Dealing with the hard issues might not be as easy as we imagine and we may overreact sometimes. We, however, need to control our anger to prevent probable upcoming problems that our reaction may cause. It may be too late to go back even though we are too regretful.

6.Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says, ‘’Honesty brings goodness’’ One of the first things that every parent would teach our kids is being truthful no matter what. But if we ourselves choose to tell pink lies to avoid relatively hard situations, what kind of an impression our kids would have? Also, according to a noble hadith, honesty brings goodness. If we want to be good models for our kids, live in goodness and help our kids to build a good life we should have the courage to tell the truth, all the time.

7.Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says, ‘’The hand that gives is better than the hand that takes.’’ Sharing has a vital importance to have good relationships with our family members, colleagues and neighbors. It does not have to be materialistic, we can share our happiness with our family, spare a plate for a friend on our table, let our coworker walk to the subway under our umbrella. These are all very simple, but real-life examples of sharing. As parents who wish their kids share their toys with friends at school, spare some less used clothes and stuff for the ones in need, and divide the last cookie on the plate into two and give one piece to their siblings, we must show them by our own behaviors first.

8.Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says, ‘’Give gifts. It will make you love each other more.’’ Who does not love presents wrapped with shiny papers! Sometimes a book that we wanted to read for a long time, maybe a scarf which was on our wishlist, or just a simple flower picked from the sideways is just enough to make us the happiest! So why do not we give this happiness to our beloved ones? Would not be our kids be delighted if they find their favorite chocolate under their pillow? Or a pair of socks which have their favorite superhero’s pictures on? Our prophet suggests us to give gifts to love each other more. Would there be any better reason to give gifts to each other?

9.Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says, ‘’Allah is clean, and he loves cleanliness.’’ The cleanliness of the place we live at, the clothes we put on, the body that carries our soul in has a vital importance for well- being and representing a good sample not only to our kids but also to the community that we live in. As our Prophet encourages us with different hadiths and with his own life style, we should value cleanliness more than anything else.

10.Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says, ‘’If you are patient with what you don’t like, you will be joined with what you do like.’’ The tenth important thing we need to do to be a nice person is being patient. We are sent to this World not only to walk around and have fun but to be tested with different situations to strengthen our iman. If we show patience to the hardships that we meet, surely an easiness will come right after that. Although it is really not easy to wait for what they want for kids, childhood is the most important era to learn why should we patient and how to manage to be patient in unwilling situations.


These were 10 basic points that lead us to be a nice person. If we can be nice to ourselves, to our family including our pets and plants, and to our community, then we can help our kids raise to be nice people. Thankfully we have a holy book, Qur’an, and hundreds of hadiths to guide us to be nice human beings. The only thing we need to do is apply what we read and learn into our lives.


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