Here Are Some Advice From Our Authors on Methods of Encouraging Good Reading Habits in Kids!

1- Stories you read to your children pave their way towards becoming educated.

According to research done by Stiftung Lesen in Germany in 2007, proved that parents who read
to their children every day actually are making an investment for the future of their kids.
Children whom parents read to them on a daily basis, tend to become more successful compared
to their peers by means of advancement in education.


2- Let your kids get to know your relatives or friends who read. Your children will notice the
difference in them and be curious about it. You can then talk to them about the magic that
lies in books.

If you read, you too will have an improved vocabulary.
If you read, you too will have a better ability to focus.
If you read, you too will be able to speak more fluently.
If you read, your imagination too will develop.


3- Books are like medication for the soul.

When your children tell you of a problem of theirs or when you notice they are undergoing such a
difficulty, give them a book about the subject and wait patiently fort he result. The stories will help
them while at the same time they slowly learn to enjoy a story. .


4- Create a fun environment for reading.

With pillows and blankets, make a corner of a room a reading space. Like a blanket fort but for
reading and relaxing! You may even create a reading tent with the blankets. Instructions for an
easy way can be found online.


5- Your child should be able to choose what to read.

Do not look down on the books your child chooses to read and do not make negative comments
about them. There must be an underlying reason why he/she chooses to read it. Instead, read the
book yourself as well and try to have a conversation about it.


6- Schedule a reading time according to your child’s daily routine.

Kids love rituals. Try to make the reading time into a ritual. Reading at the same time, at the same
reading corner, with the same beverage every day will be appealing to your child. Try choosing this
time accurately so that it coincides with the period in which your child needs to rest.


7- Establish a bond with the books.

Make reading a habit yourself. Share the details that you think will be interesting to your children
with them. Introduce the book you are reading to them meanwhile. They will start doing the same
thing with you after a certain time.


8- Reading slow is the biggest enemy of reading pleasure.

Your children may not be into reading because of their reading pace. You may need to help them
out if this is the case. Make them place their index finger under the word they are reading and slide
it as they read. Their eyes will follow the finger automatically as it slides and they will have taken
the first step towards a faster reading pace.


9- Stop the reading session at the most exciting part of the book.

Try this hooking strategy which all the TV series employ. Stop reading at an exciting part in order
to keep their interest and excitement alive.


10- Listen to audiobooks in the car.

You can connect your smartphone to your car and listen to audiobooks with your children. You
may even talk with the school administration and get the children to listen to audiobooks which
they select collectively. They will be willing to read the printed version once the story grabs their



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