Raising a Kid with Moral Values

When a kid is born, a parent is born at the same time. And being a parent puts a lot of responsibilities on one’s shoulders. It’s not just feeding the child enough or keeping her safe, it is also providing for every aspect of your child’s spiritual, social, psychological and emotional state. As parents, we need to ensure our children grow up to be a good person who contributes positively to the community.

But at which age should we start teaching our children about morals and start concerning their place in the community? There is a common misconception that it’s too early to start learning the importance of moral values, which are crucial in the later stages of their life. In reality, however, the earlier the better. Teaching kids the essential skills and values early will make the transition to adulthood way much smoother.

Moral values are the rules that one must learn and internalize that allows people to see what is right and what is wrong in their actions and thoughts. Teaching children these rules at an early age will influence their morals as they grow. 

Teach your kids respect everybody, no matter people’s age, thoughts, physical appearances, religion, choices. Show your children the importance of family, that they grow in; let them know that you’re their home for life, no matter what. Encourage them to speak up when they perceive wrongdoing, an injustice. Let honesty be their compass, and your child must tell the truth regardless of whatever mistakes he/she may have committed. Raise them with empathy for others, make sure they never hurt anyone, for anything.

But how are we supposed to do all these things? Here are some easy ways:

1.Practise what you preach

As you know very well, children learn from the people around them. If you want to teach anything to your kids, including moral values, you must model them properly.

2.Tell about the real life experiences

Children LOVE stories. Tell them your funny, thought-provoking stories to them and the results or consequences of your actions. 

3.Reward good behavior

Some agree, some not but rewarding is an effective way to reinforce good behavior. Even a smile on your face after good behavior is a reward for your kids. 

4.Monitor TV&Internet usage of your kid

There are millions of things on the internet and TV that your kids may reach with one click. Make sure that what they are exposed to is safe.

5.Communication is the key

Talk with your kids. About everything, every day. Talking about the events happening around us, the stories we read, or somethings we watch will increase kids’ awareness.

Morals are the core values that one must learn as early as possible and in the best way. A society consists of individuals, and each of them should be well-raised for a beautiful world.


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