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Would you like a drummer to wake you up to suhoor?

Ramadan is a month that we cleanse our bodies and souls from any evil by refraining ourselves from earthly needs like eating, drinking, sleeping… But it also is a month that folks mark with vibrant traditions and celebrations that are unique to their region and culture and are passed through generations. Would you like to

Feeling the Spirit of the Holy Three Months

“For if the reward yielded by good works at other times are tenfold, in the month of Rajab they are more than a hundredfold, in Sha‘ban they exceed three hundredfold, and in Ramadan they reach a thousand fold, while on Fridays in Ramadan they reach thousands and on the Night of Power may reach thirty

Ramadan With Children

Why is Ramadan important for children? The holy month Ramadan, is the month of the Quran, the month of hayr, but also the month of children. Children are the joy of the world, just so they should be the joy of Ramadan. Remember Ramadans of your childhood and how pleasant they were, this is because

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