Introducing of Our new Logo & Brand Identity!


Introducing of Our new Logo & Brand Identity!

As-Salaam Alaikum,

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website and our new brand identity. As Timas Publishing, we started our journey of publishing books in English 8 years ago. With this effort, we wanted to carry our 50 years of experience of publishing in Turkey to the global scale. In the past few years we have intensified this endeavor and our experience has broadened during this period. Following our insights, we decided to continue our Islamic English publications as Timas Kitab, an imprint of Timas Publishing.

We believe that our new logo&brand name represent us better by means of our global mission. The aim of this change is to be more than just a publishing house trying to spread the Islamic heritage, but to become a companion of yours who tries to share its knowledge with you, through all possible ways. May Allah grant us success InshAllah. With this alteration many new things are going to change. For now, first of all we have renewed our website. We hope you are going to like it!

So, what have we changed on our website?

Mobile Interface

We had known that many of you prefer to browse via mobile devices. Hence our mobile interface had to become more user friendly. Our team of designers and developers kept this focus in mind through out the design process, making sure the site functions well on all screen sizes.

Website Speed

We had received complaints about the website’s speed. It is difficult to provide high-speed access to many different users from all corners of the world. Alhamdulillah our team focused on this issue and solved it as well. We have established different servers in different continents. Now you can access our website in high speed globally!

Interactive Blog

Building a better blog with more interesting contents on Islamic bases has been something we have wanted to achieve for a long time. We decided to make this matter our priority with the new website. From now on, we will publish blogs more frequently. We also added some categories and we will eventually be adding a search tool to make it easier for visitors to filter and find the content that is most relevant to them.

Shipping table

Of course, one of the most frequently asked topics is the shipping prices. Now you can find out the shipping cost to your country very easily. Just click on our shipping page and select your country. Also, we want to indicate that we are really pushing the conditions in order to decrease shipping fees. Inshallah we will be able to decrease it even more soon.

Greetings from Istanbul

Timas Kitab Crew

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