Love Allah, Love for Allah, Love of Allah

‘’Surely Allah loves those who turn much (to Him), and He loves those who purify themselves. ‘’


Allah loves us. And we say that we love him and we, of course, we all wish our kids to love him. But, do we really love Him? Are we really aware of our love for Him? Do we know how to make our kids love Him?

There are many questions. But don’t worry, there are answers to each of them in this blog.

Do we love Allah? This is a question that we need to look in our hearts to find the answer. But I believe, all humans, not only Muslims, love Allah in a way. Some sees a blossom and smiles unwittingly, this is a sign of love for the blossom’s creator. Some wakes up and prays in tears in the dark when many are in the deepest dreams, this is love for, faith in Allah. Some may feel angry from time to time, may think that the world is not a fair place. Even this is love for Allah. Because it means that one knows that Allah is fair and the world must be fair as well. This anger also comes from love, love for Allah.

Are we really aware of our love for him? Not really, I suppose. But we can raise this awareness. How? Easy. 

Just look around; look at the air you breathe in, look at the coffee that you sip, look at your fingers that you hold your phone with… Every each of them are given to you by Allah. So is it possible for you to not love Him?

Just show it; love requires to be shown. Not to prove it, but to feel it. Say your love for Allah out loud. Appreciate what you have given, provided by Allah. See what is behind the beauty, its creator, Allah.

How can we get our kids to love Allah?

This could be the hardest of those easy questions. Calm. Let’s list the answer.

1. Be a model, be a model, be a model. This is the pill for every behavioral change we desire in our kids. Kids do not listen, they watch, they repeat, they imitate. If we want our kids to love Allah, we should show them that we love Allah.

2. Let your kids know that everything around us is created by no one but Allah. Help them see Allah in everything; in math, in your pet cat, in his palms.

3. Encourage your children to show their love for Allah. Let them know that Allah always listens to our prayers, that we can rely on Allah no matter what, we should give

See, it is not that hard, is it? With simple solutions, we can remember our love for Allah, and get our kids to love Allah as we wish them to do. Do not forget, love is the essence of every goodness, every beauty. Prayers are more meaningful if they are said with love, flowers blossom shinier if they are watered with love, kids are happier when they are raised with love.

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