Allah’s Everywhere, So Are His Names

Allah is the One and only true God. Allah created the earth and everything in it; colorful plants, millions of animal species, billions of humans with unique fingerprints. Everything around us is a creation and they all point that there is a Creator. We, as humans with a limited physical capacity, can neither see nor hear Allah directly. We feel Allah in the wind that smoothly passes through, a flying butterfly with tiny wings and the huge moon’s movements’ effect on the water masses on earth. Unlike us, the creatures, Allah, as the only Creator, can see, hear and know everything. Yes, everything. Every little thing. Even the thoughts on our minds that we are not aware of, the feelings in our hearts that we do not know about yet. Also unlike us, He does not need anything; He does not get tired, never sleeps, eats… He is the most powerful, the omniscient…

Allah wants to be known, with all his names as they are embodied in his creation: The Guardian, The Witness, The Overseer, The One Who gives Emaan and Security, The Honourer, The Bestower….

We all want our kids to love Allah from their little heart. Love him rather than fearing him. But how can we expect them to love something/someone that they do not know about, are not familiar with? Above all this, Allah wants to be known by His creations. Allah is An-Nur, He lights the darkest nights with the warmest Sun every morning. Allah is Al-Baaqi, He is everlasting, has no beginning or end. Allah Ar-Rasheed, He guides us, teaches us what is right and what is not. Allah is Maalik-ul Mulk, He owns everything that ever existed and will exist. Allah is Awwal and Akheer, He is the first and the last. Allah is Al-Vaheed, the one; Al- Ahaad, the only one, the unique. He is Ar-Rauf, the most kind…

Allah has many names to be known, many adjectives to be described. Every and each of His beautiful names can be seen around us. We see His light every morning (An-Nur), we see His giving life in blossoming flowers and trees every spring (Al-Muhyee), and taking those lives back every fall (Al-Mumeet). He is everywhere, so are His names. 

Let’s help our kids get to know our only Creator, Allah. Not only by memorizing His beautiful names, but also seeing those names in His creations. There can be no  greater effort than showing  our kids how great it is to love Allah as He loves them.

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