Ramadan With Children

Why is Ramadan important for children?

The holy month Ramadan, is the month of the Quran, the month of hayr, but also the month of children.

Children are the joy of the world, just so they should be the joy of Ramadan. Remember Ramadans of your childhood and how pleasant they were, this is because a child takes the most of Ramadan.

Being the purest people in the world, children can feel the cleansing and joyous atmosphere of this

month even more than us. We better take this chance to benefit both them and ourselves, freshen altogether with the light of Ramadan!

        How Should We Behave to Be Good Role Models?

Children learn through mimicking. They copy what they see and internalize the behavior, especially during their early ages. Advices and words do not work well on them. So, instead of just telling them what our Prophet said about the barakah of sahur, we need to show them by actively participating with them in the sahur and enjoying it together. We should not force this on them, but rather show how fun it is to take part in this non-usual activity as a family, and let them be excited about Ramadan. Even with a very simple action, by asking what they would like to eat in Iftar, we can create a consciousness in them about the specialty of Ramadan. Inviting his friends over for Iftar would be a great gesture as well!

And don’t forget to bring them to the mosque please, the atmosphere that children’s voices bring to a mosque is a wonderous one, please do not deprive us of it.

How May We Assist You In This Adventure?

Reading books together is a great way to spend time with children. This enables you to refresh your religious knowledge, pass what you know to your children, show them your affection and how you care about their education, be role models to earn them the habit of reading. Alongside reading children’s books to them, you can encourage them to read on their own through Ramadan. As it is very recommended for us to complete the Quran during Ramadan, you can explain that you too have a reading target to meet and would like them to share this experience with you.

For this, we would like to offer some Ramadan Reading Lists which are selected by our team to educate your children appropriate to Ramadan and which add up to around 600 pages, like the page count of the Holy Quran.

Esad Souleyman

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