Ramadan for the Kids over the Quarantine Days

Ramadan for the Kids over the Quarantine Days

Unfortunately, this year Ramadan came into a very different period. People who are affected by this global pandemic, are forced to stay at home. Being at home is the best thing that we can do in these times.

In these times when we cannot go out and it becomes harder to experience the Ramadan excitement. Sadly the most of the activities we used to do in Ramadan are not possible in these circumstances. Having guests, iftars with different people, Ramadan tents, fun activities for kids are not going to exist in this Ramadan. So what can we do in order to live this Ramadan excitement in our home with our families and children?

Here are some advises;

1. Decorate your home

The decorative products that are used for Ramadan and other holidays can be bought
online and delivered to your door. If you decide to do these products by yourself, you
can actually use it as an activity time for your children. These activities will improve both
their cognitive and motor skills. And with the end result, you can decorate your home and
live the Ramadan excitement there.

2. Prepare the iftar together

Cooking together will improve the communication between the family members. An iftar
where everyone gave some effort to prepare will taste better for everyone. Make sure
everyone in your household participate.

3. Perform tarawih prayer together

You might not be able to go to the mosques. But it does not mean that you can pray
together. In nights come together and perform the tarawih prayer with your family.

4. Have a reading hour

Everyday as a family come together and read a chapter from the book you choose
previously. After reading, share your ideas with each other, make comments, and ask each
other questions.

5. Prepare some kind of competition

Write little questions from the book you read together. Collect these all into a box and
then select randomly. Ask each other these questions and keep points.

6. Remember to be thankful for what you have

Think about all the things that you were able to do before the quarantine. Write all of them
down and read them out loud. Think about all the good things in our life and thank the
creator for them.

Hande Handan

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