Reading for Jannah

Being a mother is already such an honor and a blessing, but being a MUSLIM mother is a fact that takes me, my actions and my intentions to a whole different level. The reality for mums is one which between laughter and frustration
we share with one another on our long telephone conversations WHEN and IF our children spare us some time for it…
It is a strange kind of experience where, for the most part, you’re in love with your little ones but after exhaustion and much drama this feeling becomes… questionable? :/
I’m not implying that I do not love my children because I do, and I would give and do everything in my capacity to protect them and to guide them, “a mum’s mentality”…

I am referring to those times after so many attempts creating schedules and commitments that might be fulfilled for a week or so, those attempts of becoming the “perfect” mother, able to do just about anything, homeschooling, keeping up with house chores, cooking the perfect meals and becoming your kid’s favorite baker, husband, finances and perhaps a job, looking descent, forgotten rotten nappies, bumping for the hundred times into the same horrible toy you once fell in love with at the store… the never-ending breastfeeding sessions in the middle of the night when barely able to open your eyes…(sigh)… Yes, those moments…Alhamdulillah! And in between, there are those moments of profound realizations, moments of gratitude for all the lessons and blessings our little ones have come to bring into our lives. In our household one of the most important parts of our day is evening time, finally the quiet time, right before my children fall asleep.

Every night each one of them would select a book, and believe me, it is only the strength that Allah grants an exhausted mother, I am able
to read them all. We enjoy reading together, the stories of the prophets, stories that teach good manners and values which will stick for life in the minds and hearts.

These are the moments I remember the promise of my Lord, everything we do to teach our children the path of guidance,
teaching them about the Only One True God. Hoping only for His reward and giving up the control which belongs
to Allah, to guide the hearts of our children, to grant them the knowledge, the understanding and the wisdom we also pray for
Reading for Jannah where we will collect the fruits of all these efforts InshaAllah. And not just reading anything, books of fantasies and fairytales that
may cause deviated thoughts an ideas in our children’s minds. But reading books that teach them the history of creation. Of true
heroes, true role models and examples for our children to follow just as much as we as parents should strive to emulate.
Reading for Jannah and with that in mind, everything becomes easier inshaAllah…..


Mother of Mayram, Rahman and Yusuf

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